Welcome to the Sharknado world! ― Report of SHARKNADO5 Screaming Screening in JAPAN

★This text is a translated version of this Japanese page.
My English is very poor, there may be a wrong expression.


Report of “SHARKNADO5” Screaming Screening

At LOFT 9 Shibuya in Shibuya, Tokyo.
Here, not only movies but also various events such as music and debates are held everyday.

Screaming screening is OK screening that you can shout or cheer while screening. (※ It is not possible to make sounds during the normal screening in Japan)
In this event you can yell, cheer, clap your hands,use instruments, firecrackers, and etc.

Event organized by team V8JAPAN.
They have conducted 25 Screaming Screening events such as “mad max fury road” and “La La Land“.
They have not received wages from distributors.
They are enjoying as movie fans.
SHARKNADO 5” is the 26th.

Event started.
Mr. Takahiro Wakuyama (photo: left) and Mr.ClockworkReona (photo: right) appeared.
From the audience seat the voice of “I was waiting”.
And sounds of crackers and tambourines can be heard here and there.


First of all, the history of the V8 japan screaming screening event was screened in a sliding manner
The enthusiasm of the past was transmitted.

confirmed participation in past events ”Yes show of hands”.

After that…
Let’s discuss: “What’s next?”
Clapping and cheering rose while watching a short video.

After that…
DanKichi Nakano also went up to the stage.
And an interview picture of Ian Ziering and Anthony C. Ferrante was screened.

In accordance with selfie by Ian Ziering, The audience also shouted “Year!!!” And posed.
It seemed like it was at the shooting site

After that…
Screening started after practicing to shout “SHARK! SHARK!”

It was exciting very soon after screening!!!

※It is like this from start to finish in the hall

Laugh and applause for scenes reminding of “Mission: Impossible” and “Indiana Jones”.
Fin crisis scene, cheering  Japanese ”GAMBARE-!”.
When the music of “QUINT BAND” flows, clapping occurs.
Scream when sharks strike people(But it is of joy).
And the most famous Tokyo Tower in Japan and the scene in Kabukicho was the most exciting!

90minutes felt shorter than usual.
It was very exciting and a fun time.

The venue had a sense of unity.
We shared the world of “Sharknado”

Screaming screening is awesome! it seems to be addictive.

I’m hoping for the screening of all  of ”Sharknade”.

“SHARKNADO5” Screaming Screening
January 28, 2018 (Sun) 18:00-21:00
Venue: LOFT 9 Shibuya (Tokyo Japan)
Organized by V8JAPAN

text: Dankichi Nakano


Chainsaws rental service 🙂   for commemorative photography

The firecrackers was gifts from the organizer

A sticker of the event up to now was given to the souvenir

Handmade rubber stamps are also prepared.
Shark and Sharknado !

The Asylum shark movie DVD was also sold